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May: GSD trials ~ Miranda earns her CD in three straight trials with scores of 196 (1st place), 190 (3rd place) and 197 (1st place and High In Trial)

After a very long Western NY winter our show season has started.
April:  HONYASC Trials ~ Stormy picked up 2 ASCA CDX legs and took High In Trials both Trials.  Stormy also picked up an RA leg.   Ozzy finished his RA title and picked up his first ASCA CD leg.
March:   OKA Agility Trials ~ Stormy finished his Master Preferred Jumps title and picked up a Master Preferred Standard Leg.
Syracuse Shows ~ Stormy finished his CDX


December ~ HONYASC show ~ Ozzy and Miranda earned this first legs towards their BN titles.  Miranda took 1st place and Ozzy took 2nd place.   In the rally ring, Stormy finished his RNX title with a first place.   Ozzy and Miranda earned their first legs towards their RA titles, again placing in the same order.   
November ~ Bloomsburg shows ~ Stormy finished his RAE title and took High Combined in both trials.
October ~ Hamburg shows ~ Stormy picked up 4 RAE legs with multiple placement, perfect scores of 100 and a couple High In Combines.
July ~ September ~ Stormy has been busy working towards his RAE title.   We have gather 5 legs so far. 
June ~ Dunkirk shows ~ Ozzy earned 2 legs towards his RA title with scores of 99 and 94 (both with placements).     Buzzy took high in trial and high combined at the GRC OF WNY obedience trials and was high in trial at the Olean KC Show.
WLTC agility trial ~ Stormy earned his first Master Standard leg and his 8th master jumpers leg.    We need to work on our standard runs.
April ~ HONYASC - Ozzy and Miranda finished their RN titles.  Stormy earned 2 legs towards his RN title.    Buzzy took high in trial and high combined.
March ~ Syracuse Cluster - Miranda earned her BN title in 3 straight shows.
February ~ DOTCORNY Rally Trials - Buzz And Stormy finished their RE titles.   Ozzy and Miranda finished their RN titles.

2016 Golden Retriever Club of Western New York Year End Trophies
Golden Retriever of the Year Award (co-share) - Stormy
Timbo Haley Obedience Trophy (for HIT's) - Stormy
Nugget Obedience Trophy - Stormy
Joe Mercer Trophy (for outstanding agility accomplishments) - Stormy
Tail Utility Trophy - Ernie

I am very proud of my dogs and all of our accomplishments in 2016!!!

July - December:   Buzz and Stormy were very busy in competing in obedience and agility.   Buzz picked up several more OTCH points to end the year at 78 points and picked up another HIT.   Stormy finished his AXP/AJP and picked up some MJP legs with some PACH points.
GVKC - Buzzy picked up a couple of OTCh points (up to 68) and took High In Trial on Sunday with a 198 from Open B.  Ozzy picked up his 2nd RN leg.  
WLTC - Stormy finished his Open Standard and Open Jumpers title.
Dunkirk Shows - Ozzy finished his BN title with a 195 and 2nd place.  Ozzy also earned his first RN leg.
GRC of WNY Obedience Specality - Stormy takes High In Trial with a 197.5 from Novice B

DOTCORNY agility trial, Buzzy earned a Master Jumpers leg. Some very nice run in all his classes, but with errors on both of our part no other Q's. Stormy earned two Open Jumpers legs and an Open Standard leg. Very proud of both the boys.

GSD Obedience Trial. Stormy finished his CD with a 197.5 and first place. Since the first weekend in March, Stormy has completed 6 titles. He's not just another pretty face.  Buzzy picked up an OTCH point...we are up to 62 p

SOTC's agility trial. Saturday...Stormy double q'd!! Finished his novice jumpers title and picked up his 2nd novice standard leg. Today...We finished his novice standard title . Ran Stormy in open jumpers ...knocked a bar so no q, but a wonderful effort on Storms part.

Syracuse Cluster:   Stormy earns the last two legs to complete is RA title.   Stormy finished his title with a 1st place.
HONYASC shows:   Buzz earns two ASCA UDX legs.  On Saturday Buzz took High In Trial, High In Trial Aussie and High Combined.  Sunday Buzz took High In Trial Aussie and High Combined.
Ozzy earned the first two ASCA RN legs with a 196 & 192.
WLTC Agility Trials. Stormy debuted in Novice Standard and Jumpers class. Saturday ~ Stormy triple Q'd earning his 2nd NFP leg and 1st NAP & NJP legs with placemEnts. Sunday ~ Stormy completed his NFP title with a 1st place and earned his 2nd NJP leg. We had a beautiful run in novice standard, but popped off the teeter. I'm so proud of Stormy qualified 5 out of 6 classes this weekend.

I am finally catching my breath after a terrific week! Stormy finished his Ch this past weekend in Maryland. I want to thank Cortney for this super quick finish. In one month, Stormy earned 2 major reserves(one 5 pt) and two 5 pt majors. The ride was quick but so much fun!!Thank you Cortney!!!

February starts with legs on titles, point towards championship and two new titles.   At DOTCORNY Winter Rally Trial, Ernie finished his RE title.  Ernie won both excellent B classes on Saturday.  Not to be out done, Buzz earned two legs towards his RE and took 2nd place in the afternoon trial.   Stormy was in Atlanta for breed shows with his breeder/co-owner Cortney Corral.  Stormy took WD on Sunday for a 5 point major from BBE Class.    Buzz earned enough points to earn his OM3 title (this happened at the Erie KC shows).     Very proud of my boys!!  2016 show season has started out on a high.

The year starts out with a bang.  SOTC Obedience Trial, Ernie earns his 2nd UD leg.  At the Hamburg shows, Stormy took WD/BOW for 2 points towards his CH,  Ernie finishes his UD with a 3rd place and picked up a bumper leg on Sunday and Buzz win's Utility B on Sunday and picks up 2 OTCh points.

We traveled to Canada to start Stormy's Canadian CH.   Stormy came home with 5 points.  We will head back up to Canada next spring/summer to finish his CH.
Golden Retriever National Specialty, Wilmington, OH (Sept 28-Oct 5). Had a wonderful time with friends. Got to watch some beautiful dogs work in obedience and rally. Best of Breed is always a beautiful sight, the bag pipes playing bring tears to your eyes and goosebumps.

The Rustic Boys had a very nice showing (Buzzy couldn't play in the Golden games, but went to support all his friends and brothers). Ernie earned his 2nd RE leg. Put in a nice performance in Utility B (didn't Q) and didn't get any zoomies, that's always a plus. Stormy earned his 1st RA leg with a 99 and joined team obedience "The Hunters". That was tons of fun. Stormy decided on a couple of halts to jump up and say "Hi Mom" and got to sniff some girl butts on the figure 8. Stormy was shown my his breeder/co-owner Cortney in the bred by class. Just hoping for a cut in the large class very competitive class, was topped by a 3rd place!! He looked amazing with Cortney. Way to go Storm & Cortney!!

The last time I had a dog place at the National in breed was Parker (BVISS Am/Can CH Cobrador Rustic DidUHearThat, UD, RE, GN, NFP, ASCA UD) shows by his co-breeder Nancy Kelly in the 12-18 class at the National in Madison, OH. I have been very lucky to have such nice pups!!

Wine Country Circuit news....Buzz won Open B with a 198, picked up 2 OTCH points and won a run off for High In Trial. Sunday, Buzz won Utility B with a 194.5 and picked up 2 more OTCH points. Couldn't have asked for a better weekend!!

The summer is coming to an end. We traveled to Ohio for some more shows in August. The Oberlin, OH shows...Stormy took WD both days picking up 2 more points, shown my breeder/coowner Cortney. Chargin F
Syracuse Cluster ~ Buzz earns a UDX leg and picks up an OTCh Point.  Just chipping away at the points!!  We are at 52 OTCh points!!
Stormy earns his RN title.  Friday, Stormy wins his class with a 99 (four way tie for 1st place).  Saturday takes 3rd with a 100.
OKA Agility Trial ~ Buzz earns MXJ leg #6
DOTCORNY ~ Buzz finishes his OM2 title and picks up an OTCh point.



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