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No litters planned till Fall 2021
If you are interest in a puppy, please be patient. Due to covid, we are receiving an increased inquiries for puppies and young  adults.  

Lakesyde Golden Retrievers &  Gingerrun Golden Retrievers have litters planned for 2021
For more information please contact Julie Corral  at 
Amy Burnim at

Howlyn Aussies has litters planned for 2021
For more information please contact Linda Howell at

When shopping for a breeder, it is very important that you do your research.  Responsible breeders compete in dog events to prove their dogs are worthy of breeding, screen all breeding stock for genetic disorders common to the Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd.  Breeders want to find the best possible homes for their  puppies.  Good breeders will ask you plenty of personal questions about your lifestyle, your neighborhood, etc.

A puppy is not for everyone.  Please keep in might of our local Golden Retriever Rescue Groups and Australian Shepherd Rescue Groups.  They take in many wonderful Golden's and Aussies of all ages, that deserve a second chance.  Please check out the Golden Retriever Club of America  and USASA for your local rescue group





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